OCCUPY Chase Bank on Salamo

The Teen Center supported by Councilor Mike Jones has claimed it’s first victim!   Healthy Pet,  an 11 year retailer next to the Safeway Store, was forced out when their rent was increased by over 100%! So instead of keeping one of the greatest neighborhood stores in the area, Jones is responsible for destroying local business in favor of a NY Wall Street Bank and REIT.

Healthy Pet is moving next store to the old Bales market.



Every so once in awhile a new poser emerges through the ooze of city hall backwaters. In the day of Patti Galle, it was a fellow named Sean Andreas. He too was a builder like Thomas working for special interests. This fellow ‘Frank’ has been lurking in the background and like Tan, is using the Planning Commission to gain name recognition.

And then when Jennifer Tan arrived on the scene, she “used” Ed Lindquist, a democratic party leader insider from Oregon City, according to my neighbors, to win the election. She has already sold out on every single one of her campaign pledges in 2010 and lied to private citizens. Sadly, Jim Mattis has already done more good supporting the drive to establish a New National Heritage site at Willamette Falls.

Which leads me to ask myself: “Why does ‘Frank and Tan’ sound so much like Frankenstein?”

Both Frank and Tan pander to power instead of representing residents. This makes them monsters of the first order. Besides, never vote for a guy with two first names. It’s not just superstition.

2012 LOTP in Robinwood

I think Neighborhood Associations and affected parties should be advocating for greater transparency and a LARGER voice over public stewardship issues in West Linn.
2012 will either be a turning point that further cements the status quo of poor municipal oversight or a change in how the City listens to it’s citizens. From a practical standpoint, the recent survey and the post evaluation of the Police Bond effort does not bode well for John Q. Public.
First of all, a tip of the bonnet for the proposed teen center at the old Blockbuster retail site! (This is a separate issue for another day.)  I hope it is successful. Not only do we NOT need ‘Chase’ on the Hill, a Credit Union will be put into the Safeway Store in April and that is where this blog recommends residents go for their banking needs.

These are the issues residents need to pay attention to and look for solutions outside the simple reporting and platitudes of our local community newspaper.  They are:
1.) The proposed Teen Center. Possibly the best example of a public/private joint venture to happen in a long time.
2.) The assault on the Robinwood Neighborhood and Hwy 43. (LOTP water project)
3.) The proposed Water Bond. (Another Biggy!)
4.) The mistakes of the police station site location and acquisition.
5.) Don’t forget the pool! The City Council will dismiss it by undoing the due process it deserves. We too can have our pool and swim in it too! Unfortunately, rabid pool enthusiasts have sullied the water and killed it once and for all. Pool enthusiasts were only needed when it came to supporting the police station.
But today, ATTENTION must be given to the proposed LO-Tigard partnership debacle. The opinions expressed in the referenced opinion raise important factors that our City Council needs to address. 
The proposed water plant IS ‘smack-dap’ in the middle of an modestly established neighborhood and the plant will destroy home values and the community of Robinwood.  Anyone who doesn’t get riled up over this is comatose. We all need to wake up and smell the rose scented water being pumped through our existing neighborhoods!
1.)Didn’t LO just complete a project where a pipe was put through the middle of the lake? It was called ‘LOIS’. What are the parallels? What are the lessons learned that the public might learn to it’s advantage?
2.) Putting a pipe in Hwy 43 will be more disruptive than all get out and this needs to be addressed. What is the schedule for the ODOT handing over ownership of Hwy 43 to municipalities? What are the costs associated with the mitigation efforts? What are the mitigation efforts? How does the change in ownership align with West Linn Planning oversight? Right now, the road is outside the purview of the Planning Commission?
3.) A Foothills location for the facility makes so much sense, especially now that the streetcar is dead along with Homer’s support for high rise condos ala South Waterfront? Of course, the people who own land in the Foothills do not want a utility plant because it degrades potential values. Is this a double standard that is being imposed upon the taxpaying public? Isn’t their an existing water facility there already?
4.) A concern has always been the vitality and continued protection of the many varied riparian areas this pipeline will have to cross. Over the years, persons have documented precedent after precedent of terrible planning oversight and poor execution. As examples, I don’t think the Hwy 43 viaduct above George Rogers Park is sufficiently stable to put a pipeline anywhere near it. This will need verification. Trillium Creek is another ecosystem that they have denigrated above stream. Businesses along Hwy 43 will also be affected detrimentally?
5.) Look to how the City plans to tap into this project as a supposed “emergency back up”. The proposed Intertie that the City of West Linn will pay for needs to be verified.
6.) Let’s face facts. Putting the water plant ‘other than’ Robinwood kills any development idea in the Stafford Hamlet, especially along the middle parts of Rosemont.  First, this project, when it passes, will stick it to Robinwood.  Everybody else paying water bills will be hit later with a 60% increase.
Please add that to the list of things that are certain.  Death; taxes; higher water bills.

Enough is enough! Ask Jones to support regular folk in West Linn, not just his religious beliefs. Talk about your self-righteous hypocrites! He needs to champion the people that voted him into the council. It is not business interests and church affairs that he should be supporting alone. He needs to support the public at large!  Both Crybaby baby ‘Jones’ and Chamberlain-acolyte ‘Kivetch’s have had private talks with private citizens in the affected area, so this issue is now a public affair.

And as for other associates to the City Manager led municipality, they too probably need to go the way of Mr. Gene Greene.

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And so it goes…..

This is posted for historical purposes.


What is going on right now is complete malfeasance on part of the city in representing their constituents. Sad truth is the jordanittes have no better understanding of the CDC than you do! What is the CDC you ask? Good question.

It is like the old question of “If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” In the case of this doomed water project, the question is ” If no one knows what the CDC is and it is not used, what else is there to stop it from happening just as LO wishes?”

Unmentioned in the article is the history of water development, future water issues, state planning regulations and environmental concerns. Largely, the reason for the failure of this project, in its’ present form is twofold.

1.) The City has not followed the process according to several community advocates I have spoken with.

2.) The advancements in technology, our current economy, and community aspirations have changed. The needs of the facility are too large for the available land the city of LO currently holds. The only way this project will occur will be to either relocate it, OR, buy out neighboring residents that will be adversely affected. Eminent Domain is not a constructive alternative?

A proper solution will not be sought because there is insufficient funding to do it the right way. For example, the reason for not using MSY Park is the added infrastructure required and added cost in the millions.  And what is the best way to save money? Keep people in the dark, circle the wagons, conduct all business away from city property, deny everything, and become scarce. Those in charge, and kovachals, will do what they do best.  Misrepresent and hide. And how they sleep at night is a question for the ages.



I recommend reading the goals of this blog.  I agree with most but not #9. We, as a small community, can do better than this and shall.

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